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Chilli chutney at FoodCycle (aka fire in a pan)

This weekend’s FoodCycle community kitchen recipe is for chilli and pineapple chutney that I made to accompany some delicious pakora starters for our guests.

I’ve called it fire in pan, because, well, it was just that. But there was no way I was letting any of those amazing green chillis that were donated go to waste!

This one is for the brave souls out there.

1) Chop chillis and red onion into small pieces and fry in a pan.
2) Add some apple cider vinegar and sugar (no precise measurements here, sorry guys) cover, and let mixture cook down.
3) Taste (I dare ya).
4) Chop pineapples into small chunks and add to the mixture.
5) Cover and allow to cook.
6) Taste, adding more sugar if necessary.
7) If it’s too spicy, mix with a little yoghurt to create a medium spice chutney/dipping sauce.

Serve with pakora and a refreshing radish salad with lemon dressing.

You know what I love about our guests at FoodCycle Wandsworth? They’re a brave bunch. I actually had more requests for the super fiery than I did for the medium yoghurt version! And both went really well with the lovely pakora made by other members of the team.

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The easiest dessert EVER:
Frozen banana popsicles and apple crisps!

I was back at a FoodCycle community kitchen this weekend, ready to transform donations of surplus food into a delicious free three course meal for local residents.

Longtime readers know I have a soft spot for that mahussive saucepan so I’m often cooking the main, but this week I decided to try my hand at desserts.
What do you do with 100 Fairtrade bananas and a crate of apples? Frozen banana lollies and baked cinnamon apple crisps of course!

This was a seriously tasty dessert, and really easy to do. One of the guests asked me for the recipe she liked it so much, so here it is for you guys too:

Banana popsicles
1. Peel bananas
2. Put bananas on sticks
3. Freeze (we had them in for around 2 hours, couple more would have been even better)
4. Serve with melted chocolate on top (or not, for our vegan guests)

Apple crisps
1. Slice apples thinly and place on tin foil covered baking sheet (good idea to grease this a little - I learnt that afterwards!)
2. Sprinkle over ground cinnamon and sugar
3. Bake in a medium oven for around 25 mins (may need longer to crisp up depending on your oven)

For starter and main the rest of the team cooked up a lovely corn chowder with onion bhajis and a spicy veggie curry, delicious as always. All in all it was a great Saturday!

You can read more of my FoodCycle experiences and what it’s like cooking for 60, here:

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Sometimes the tastiest dishes happen when you have to improvise. Making use of what you have, the pizza edition.

No pizza base sauce? Use 1/4 can of chopped tomatoes.

No cheese? Load pizza with even more amazing toppings than usual!

This was a delicious veggie pizza I made using only ingredients I had to hand: Artichoke hearts (random tin that was in the cupboard), sundried tomatoes (again, forgotten about jar in the fridge), spring onion, aubergine and basil leaves, plus a healthy drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Really really tasty.

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